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First and foremost, we strive to produce and offer functional and healthy Shortybulls.  Our goal is to utilize the knowledge and dogs we've acquired over the last eight years, combined with our own productions, and slowly work towards a look that is unique to Northern Force Bullies.

After a few summers in the show ring and at various dog events, it has become obvious to us that dogs need a healthy balance of good conformation and great temperament.  We also wish to pursue different methods of evaluating Shortybulls. Although we realize that they are not a traditional working dog breed, some have capabilities and a strong desire to perform in other tasks such as IPO or weight pulling, for example.

Through various partnerships with other Shortybull breeders, we are also in the process of bringing more functional colored dogs to Canada. As you can review on our dog pages, several carry and produce color, notably chocolate and blue.  Our vision is not to produce color at all costs and we hope to pursue this trend while still holding our productions to high standards.

Because a considerable amount of care and consideration is given to our breedings, if puppies become available, we are selective as to what type of homes they are placed into.  We like to think that all dogs should have a purpose, whether it's working towards titles in the show ring or in other spheres of the dog world.

NFB Show Participation:

OBBA Canada/USA - August 2012- 2017

BBC Nationals, Kansas - April 2017

AMA, Trois-Rivieres - September 2017

Canadian Pet Expo, Ontario - March 2018 - ongoing

ABKC, Montreal - June 2018

BRC Global/BBC Show circuit, Toronto - January 2019 - ongoing

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